United Church Homes Adds Artificial Intelligence AI Tool Augments Critical Decision Making

January 6, 2022, PALO ALTO, CA — United Church Homes, Inc. (UCH) has installed SAIVA Healthcare’s artificial intelligence (AI) technology to improve patient outcomes. The Ohio-based UCH will use SAIVA’s daily AI tool to predict patient risk and drive timely intervention to reduce or eliminate patient risk for rehospitalization.

SAIVA ingests data from Electronic Health Records (EHR) and trains machine learning to predict and avoid acute episodes. Using UCH’s unique medical records, SAIVA’s tool learns to accurately anticipate decline and generate a daily report of those at greatest risk. Nationwide, SAIVA’s solution has so far demonstrated 82% accuracy in predicting rehospitalizations up to 72 hours before patient decline.

“We are always looking for innovative ways to use technology to care for residents in ways that improve work processes for our community care teams,” said Lorelei Heineman, Director of Clinical Service Operations for United Church Homes. “SAIVA’s daily AI tool helps us to utilize our medical record documentation at a higher level to identify those at risk for these potential occurrences and address these risk factors before it becomes a reality. This in turn improves the care experience for the resident, caregivers and families.”

Applying (AI) to clinical practices in UCH’s post-acute care communities promises to allow for greater continuity of care, reduce hospitalization rates, and support better clinical and operational outcomes, said Jason Strober, CEO, SAIVA Healthcare. “We’re excited to have United Church Homes partner with us to achieve their goals and see results measurably improving patient care, empowering clinicians, and streamlining operations.”

About UCH
Based in Central Ohio United Church Homes is one of the nation’s largest nonprofit providers of senior living and healthcare services for older adults. United Church Homes operates 78 senior living communities in 14 states and on two Native American nations. As a faith-inspired, inclusive organization, United Church Homes maintains a covenant relationship with the United Church of Christ denomination, and embraces its mission of providing “radical hospitality.”

SAIVA Healthcare brings together data scientists, clinical experts, and industry veterans dedicated to the meaningful use of electronic health data for our most vulnerable healthcare population. Our mission is to improve resident and patient outcomes by augmenting clinical decision-making with the combined power of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).


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